Private Instruction

The Alberta Academy of Recording offers two instruction options - Private tutoring or the Scheduled 12 week certificate course. The 12 week certificate course covers everything in the four individual modules, or talk to our instructor about customizing your training experience.


AAR - Personal Tutoring modules

Work at your own pace with personalized attention and plenty of "hands - on" to maximize your time and training. Customize the course to learn the skills you really need, one on one with our Instructor. Flexible hours to suit your busy schedule! Contact Instructor for more details.


Module 1 - Sound Foundations

ARoles and Responsibilities
- different roles to be filled within the industry
- responsibilities of various organizations - basic

Basics of Sound
            - Characteristics & properties of sound
            - Mediums

Dynamic & Frequency Dependant Devices
            - Doppler effect, Fletcher Munson
            - In depth Frequency – response, masking, & devices
            - In depth Amplitude – dynamic range, & devices

            - basic types, designs, models, characteristics, working principles, and examples
            - overview of micing techniques

Basic Signal Flow
            - basic signal flow, waves – monitors

DAW’s & MTR’s
            - Nyquist Theroem
            - bit depth, sample rate, S:N Ratio, latency
            - different types, styles, and functions – focus on pro tools
            - interfaces & controllers

Introduction to Mixing
            - basic overview of mixing, elements, ear training, obtaining listenable product

Total Hours:             15
Cost:                        $750.00           


Module 2 - Practical

Practical (Module 2):

Studio Design
            - room characteristics, standing waves, resonance, decoupling ect
            - grounding, power conditioning, balanced power
            -Monitoring systems & set up

- session set up, politics, r & r’s, pre production
- in depth micing techniques, big picture concepts
- in depth & hands on signal flow

- elements of a mix
- Critical listening & basic ear training

- Elements & overview
- further focus on dynamic& frequency dependant devices


Total Hours:            15
Cost:                        $750.00


Module 3 - Advanced Hands On

Completion of modules 1 & 2 or previous audio training required.

Advanced tracking, mixing and mastering
            - techniques, applications, in depth and hands on!

Total hours:             20
Cost:                        $900


Module 4 - Live Sound Re enforcement

Completion of modules 1 & 2 or previous audio training required.

Live Mixing Experience

Basics of sound & Mediums – characteristics, properties
Balanced connections, power conditioning
FOH & Monitor signal flow specifics, troubleshooting
Set up and maintenance of PA systems
R & R’s w/i live production industry, requirements

Total hours:             20
Cost:                        $900

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