Course Outline

The Alberta Academy of Recording offers scheduling options - Our 14 week certificate course offered twice a year, Or private tutoring - one on one instruction with a flexible schedule


Option 1 - 14 week Audio Engineering and Music Production Course

AAR offers 2 group ( max 4 students ) courses a year with flexible scheduling to suit your busy life. Choose from afternoon or evening classes, continue with your work or family life while getting your education. - Schedule Info

Option 2 - Personal Tutoring

Work at your own pace with personalized attention and plenty of "hands - on" to maximize your time and training. Customize the course to learn the skills you really need, one on one with our Instructor. Learn Pro Tools, or Logic, or get personal assistance to learn the program you're using. Flexible hours to suit your busy schedule! more details.



Alberta Academy of Recording

Course Outline - Split into 24 modules. All 24 modules are taught during our regular 14 week program, or 1 on 1 in our private tutoring program. Online Skype lessons are also available

Module 1 - Introduction to Audio Engineering

• The Recording Studio • The Control Room • Project & Portable Studios • Making the Project Studio Pay For Itself • Live/On-Location Recording • Audio for Video & Film • Audio for Games • Multimedia and Web Audio • Key Music Industry Positions • Recording Studio Management • Music Law • Career Development • The Recording Process • The Transducer

Module 2 - Sound and Hearing

• The Basics of Sound • The Characteristics of Waveforms • Loudness Levels • The Decibel • The Ear • Critical Care for Your Hearing • Psychoacoustics • Auditory Perception • Perception of direction • Perception of Space & Reverbs • Critical Listening Exercises

Module 3 - Studio Acoustics and Design

• The Professional Recording Studio • Audio for Visual Production Environments • Project Studio Design • Studio & Control Room Acoustics • Acoustic Isolation • Symmetry in Control Room Design • Frequency Balance • Room Reflections • Acoustic Reverberation • Acoustic Echo Chambers • Critical Listening Exercises

Module 4 Microphones

In week four we will focus on different recording mediums, and you will receive an in studio introduction to Pro-tools and Logic. We will also be focusing on • Introduction to Microphones • Microphone Design • Dynamic Microphones • Ribbon Microphones • Condenser Microphones • Microphone Characteristics • Directional Response • Frequency Response • Transient Response • Output Characteristics • Microphone Preamps • Microphone Techniques • Pickup Characteristics / Proximity Effect • Stereo Micing Techniques • Surround Micing Techniques

Module 5 Microphone Placement Techniques

• General guidelines for mic placement • Mic placement for Drum Kits • Mic placement for Percussion Instruments • Mic placement for Vocal performance • Mic placement for Electric & Acoustic Guitars • Mic placement for Electric & Stand up Bass Instruments • Mic placement for Brass Instruments • Mic placement for Woodwind Instruments • Mic placement for Choral & Instrumental Groups

Module 6 - Sound Monitoring

• Speaker & Room Considerations • Speaker Designs • Cross-over Networks • Active vs. Passive Speaker designs • Speaker Polarity • The Ideal Monitor Volume • Subs & Bottom End • Monitoring Configurations • Mono • Stereo • Stereo with Sub Quad • Surround Considerations • 5.1 theatre plus LFE • Level Control • Spectral Reference • Monitor Speaker Types • Far field Monitoring • Near field Monitoring • Small Speakers • Headphones • Car, Vehicle Listening • Monitoring in the Studio • Headphones & Speakers in the Studio

Module 7 Digital Audio Technology

• The Language of Digital • Digital Basics • Sampling • Quantization • Must Know Details • Fixed vs. Floating Point Processing • The Digital Recording Process • The Playback Process • Sample Rates & Bit Depth • Digital vs. Analogue Audio Levels • Digital Audio Transmission • Word clock and Jitter • Digital Audio Recording Systems • Hard-disk Recording & Recording Systems • On Location & Portable Studios • The Multimedia Environment • Delivery Media, CD, DVD, Web • Delivery Formats & Codecs • Perceptual Coding • MP3, MP4, WMA, AAC, Real Audio, FLAC & Tagged Metadata • Standard MIDI Files • General MIDI Files • Graphics • Desktop Video • Multimedia and the Web • Copyright Protection

• Module 8 - Studio Tips & Tricks

• Preparation before Recording • Music Law • Before Going into the Studio • Setting Up • Session Documentation • Recording • Mixdown • Backup & Archiving • Musicians Tools • Recording Your Live Performances • Protect Your Investment • Updating Software • Professionalism

Module 9 - The Digital Audio Workstation

• DAW Hardware • Computers for Recording • System Interconnectivity & Networking • The Audio Interface • Latency • DAW Controllers • Sound File Formats • Sound File Editing • MIDI Sequencing & Scoring • On Screen Mixing • Mix down & Effects Automation • Computers & Memory • Recording System Optimization • Backup & Archive • Session Documentation

Module 10 - The Art & Technology of Mixing

• The Recording Process • Recording • Overdubbing • Mixdown • The Mixing Surface • Channel Input • Auxiliary Send Section • Equalization • Dynamics Section • Monitor Section • Channel Assignment • Grouping, Bussing • Monitor Level Section • Patch Bay • Metering • Power Related Issues • DAW Virtual Mixer Technology • Mix down Level & Effects Automation • Mixing & Balancing Basics • The Art of Mixing

Module 11 - MIDI & Electronic Music Technology

• Time & Pitch Change Techniques • Warping • Beat Slicing • Looping Your DAW • Loop Based Software • Reason & Rewire • Groove & Loop Hardware • Groove & Loop Plug Ins • Loops in a DAW Session • DJ Techniques & Software • MIDI Production Environments • What is MIDI? • MIDI Connections • Typical Configurations • MIDI Channels & Messages • The MIDI Interface • Electronic Instruments • Instrument Plugins • Keyboards • The MIDI Controller • Percussion • Sequencing • Software Sequencers • Recording MIDI • Setting & Changing Session Tempos • Click Track & Guide Tracks • Multitrack MIDI Recording • Punch In & StepTime Recording • Editing MIDI Files • Playback • Transferring MIDI to Audio Tracks • Mixing a Sequence • Music Printing Programs

Module 12 - Signal Processing & Equalization

• Hardware or Software • Plug-ins • Plug-in Control & Automation • Signal Paths in Signal Processing • Effect Processing • Equalization • Filters • Equalizer Types • Applying EQ

Module 13 - Dynamic Signal Processing

• Dynamic Range • Metering • Dynamic Range Processors • Compression • Multiband Compression • Limiting • Expansion • The Noise Gate • Dynamic Effects Automation & Editing

Module 14 - Time Based Signal Processing

• Time Based Effects • Delay • Chorus • Flanging • Phasing • Psychoacoustic Enhancement • Pitch Shifting • Time & Pitch Changes • Effects Automation & Editing

Module 15 - Reverb & Spatial Effects

• Reverb Effects • Reverb Types • Mixing & Routing Reverbs • Pre-delay • Reverb Size & Length • Density & Diffusion • Common Reverb Parameters • Reverb Equalization • Panning • Common Reverb Techniques

Module 16 - Noise Reduction & Mastering

• Noise Reduction • Analogue Noise Reduction • Single-Ended Noise Reduction Process • Digital Noise Reduction • Mastering, The Mastering Process • Preparation • Important Mastering Details • Song Sequencing • Relative Volumes • Equalization • Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics • File Resolution & Dithering • The Digital Audio Editor in the Mastering Process • Mastering Tips & Tricks

Module 17 - Sync, Amplifiers & Manufacturing

• Synchronization between Transports • Timecode • Synchronization using SMPTE • MIDI based Synchronization • Video’s Need for a Stable Timing Reference • Digital Audio’s Need for a Stable Timing Reference • Real World Sync Applications • DAW Support for Video & Picture Sync • Timecode Routing • Amplifiers, Amplification • The Operational Amplifier • Summing Amplifiers • Distribution Amplifiers • Power Amplifiers • Voltage & Digitally Controlled Amplifiers • CD, DVD Product Manufacture • CD Manufacturing Process • CD / CD-R Media • DVD & Blue Ray Authoring • Vinyl Disc Manufacture • Disc Cutting • The Vinyl Mastering Process • Producing for the Web

Module 18 MIDI - Song Composition (practical)

• Create an Instrumental using MIDI & Loops • Arrange the Elements of your Song • Select Instrument Sounds • Buss Loops and Instruments • Apply E.Q. and Effects • Mixdown to mp3, 16 & 24 bit wav. files

Module 19 - Acoustic Song (practical)

• Mix an Acoustic/Songwriter Track • Acoustic Guitar & Vocals • Common Mixing Techniques • Buss Vocals and Instruments • Apply E.Q. and Effects • Mixdown to mp3, 16 & 24 bit wav. files

Module 20 - Rap or RnB Song (practical)

• Mix a Rap or RnB Style Song • ID & Label Separate Tracks • Common Mixing Techniques • Buss Loops and Vocals • Apply E.Q. and Effects • Mixdown to mp3, 16 & 24 bit wav. files

• Module 21 - Pop or EDM Song (practical)

• Mix Song Incorporating Acoustic & Electric Elements • ID & Label Separate Tracks • Common Mixing Techniques • Buss Instruments and Vocals • Apply E.Q. Effects & Automation • Mixdown to mp3, 16 & 24 bit wav. files

Module 22 - Rock or Metal Song (practical)

• Mix a Hard Rock or Metal Song • ID & Label Separate Tracks • Common Mixing Techniques • Buss Instruments and Vocals • Apply E.Q. Effects & Automation • Mixdown to mp3, 16 & 24 bit wav. files

Module 23 Final Mixing ( practical )

• Mixing to match other sources • Final Mix tweaks • Exporting or “bouncing” master ready mixes

• Module 24 - Mastering (practical)

• Common Mastering Practices • Mastering in a Small Studio • Relative Volumes • Equalization • Dynamics & Limiting • Creating the Final Masters


We offer on-going and continuing support for any and all students, and will do our best to assist in finding placement within the industry for deserving candidates.



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