Course Outline

The Alberta Academy of Recording offers scheduling options - Our 12 week certificate course offered twice a year, Or private tutoring - one on one instruction with a flexible schedule


Option 1 - 12 week Audio Engineering and Music Production Course

AAR offers 2 group ( max 4 students ) courses a year with flexible scheduling to suit your busy life. Choose from afternoon or evening classes, continue with your work or family life while getting your education. - Schedule Info

Option 2 - Personal Tutoring

Work at your own pace with personalized attention and plenty of "hands - on" to maximize your time and training. Customize the course to learn the skills you really need, one on one with our Instructor. Learn Pro Tools, or Logic, or get personal assistance to learn the program you're using. Flexible hours to suit your busy schedule! more details.



Alberta Academy of Recording

12 Week Audio Engineering and Music Production Course Outline

Week 1 -

Your first week at the Alberta Academy of Recording will serve as an introduction both to the course, and studio life, as well as an overall view of the music business industry. We will introduce you to the different roles and responsibilities within the industry as well as studio etiquette, and the many different opportunities available to graduates.

Week 2 -

Week two will focus on the basics of sound, from the characteristics of a sound wave to the importance of ear training and critical listening. During this week you will also be introduced to dynamic and frequency dependant devices. We will cover the working principals, settings, and application of equalizers, compressors, limiters, gates and much more!

Week 3 -

During week three you will be introduced to microphones. You will learn the working properties and principals of microphones, as well as the practical applications and a variety of micing techniques used in studio recording. During this week you will also begin to learn and understand signal flow, and we will start actively training your ears!

Week 4 -

In week four we will focus on different recording mediums, and you will receive an in studio introduction to Pro-tools and Logic. We will also be focusing on more in depth and studio specific signal flow, and proper, real life session set up.

Week 5 -

Week five will be dedicated to mixing as well as an overview of MIDI. Over the week you will be discussing and learning hands on many different critical mixing and MIDI techniques and applications, as well as completing your very own mix.

Week 6 -

During week six you will be given an in depth introduction to recording. You will learn how to focus on the ‘big picture’ concept, and work as a team.  You will also learn how to choose specific and favorite microphones, instruments, pre –amps, and get those professional sounds live off the floor. Live sound, mixing and sound and signal flow reinforcement will also be covered.

Week 7 -

Week seven will be focused primarily on studio design – how will a rooms design affect the sound and feel of a recording? We will also cover topics such as acoustic isolation, separation, standing waves, using a room’s acoustic design to your advantage, and the best way to set up your own home recording space. During this week you will also have your first pre-production meeting with a client to prepare for next week’s studio recording project.

Weeks 6 to 11 -

Weeks eight to eleven will be spent in studio sessions. Students will have the opportunity to be placed in a variety of roles, and will be given a wide range of responsibilities within the studio setting. Roles and responsibilities of students will range from setting up and striking your studio sessions to running and recording internal and client sessions to completing mixes and mastering. During these weeks you will be working with a variety of genres. Your projects will generally include Hip Hop, Acoustic Singer Songwriters, Commercial & Foley recording, Rock, Pop and Metal. Please note that no class is exactly the same, and projects and genres will vary. We try our best to tailor these sessions to the specific needs and personal preferences of our students.

Weeks 11 & 12 -

Students will be given their final assignment. This week will also allow students to complete all outstanding assignments and mixes, as well as prepare for the final exam.

Weeks 2 to 12 -

Students will be asked to assist with actual studio sessions in a variety of capacities, from setup and mic placement to running the recording software for clients and doing preliminary mixing etc.


We offer on-going and continuing support for any and all students, and will do our best to assist in finding placement within the industry for deserving candidates.



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